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Creating a new container image


If you would like to help create new container images, there's a few tools you will need:

Creating a new project

Create a new GitHub project using this template as reference.

If you create this project under k8s-at-home then you are ready to start coding. If this is not the case you will need to create required GitHub secrets as described in the template README.

The template includes are required workflows we use to build multi-arch containers. It also contains a sync workflow that will generate pull requests when the template .github folder changes.

Adding your code

The project contains an example Golang program and a Makefile to test it. If your project uses Golang you can then start extending it. If you use a different programming languaje you will need to remove the go files and adjust the Makefile.

Building and testing

  1. make will build and test the code
  2. make docker-build will build the container

Testing the CI pipeline in GitHub

After you upload your changes to GitHub the CI workflow action should be invoqued automatically. If it runs sucesfully your container should not be uploaded to GHCR. It will be private so you will need to ask a community mainteiner to make it public.


Check the following examples of code projects: